Greg Damron is an environmental storyteller,… a placemaker, illustrator, architectural designer, master planner, site planner, a ride and attraction designer, an inventor, and problem solver.  For more than thirty years he’s been an innovative and insightful creator of content based visitor experiences for resort destinations, theme parks, water parks, museums, international expos, and cultural centers.


Greg has spent many years as an illustrator producing original designs and renderings by hand, while building extended designs and presentations in multiple medias.  Greg works in most all Adobe programs including PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Muse, in addition to all typical Microsoft programs.  His typical presentations incorporate digital fly-thrus, animation, narration and music and are produced in every imaginable form.

Greg’s work is a unique and complete understanding of design and planning in consideration of economics, operations, budgets and dreams. His background is in synthesizing art and engineering into problem solving entertainment design.  He and his immediate team have worked with Disney, Universal Studios, MGM, Paramount Studios, and Warner Bros and others.


Greg’s current works include Universal Studios Korea, Universal Studios Moscow, Universal China, expansion design and planning for Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando Resorts, Universal CityWalk Orlando, Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan; including Theme Parks, Water Parks, Resort Hotels, Attractions, Attraction Expansion and Entertainment Retail and Dining design and planning.  These projects all remain highly confidential and are not shown in the body of this website.


Greg Damron's team members represent the very best talents in the entertainment design profession.  Each individual has achieved the highest level of expertice in their respected field and are successful in their own rights.  This team has grown over the years but continues to be the same group responsible for most all projects Greg Damron has produced.